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"Family members"


Although preferring a quiet, ease leisure time after the day's work is done we are also fond of company to a certain extent. Thus we are having some folks around us which we now proudly present.

July Wolf:

Loves water, but hates to get wet...
Innocent look. A sign July has committed some hoax...
Holes up in any carton available
Shopping bags are much favoured for hiding...

July is a family member since Feb. 2004. We found her in a sanctuary where she rampaged the room. Even today - after years - she is having some wild attacks. But overall she is getting calmer day by day (hopefully).

The installation "July Wolf" into our flat has a big advantage: we do not have flies or midges around since then. July, you should chase on this site maybe!

Rocco Wolf:

CLICK BIG CLICK BIG shortly before Rocco diedCLICK BIG
when he was a puppy (10 weeks) champing at the bit even handsome as senior

Sadly, our fast friend Rocco died in summer 2002 at the age of nearly 11. He was a companion through thick and thin, a friend never looking for personal advantages, a quadruped gourmet who liked as well a bagful of rum truffles as any saucage he could get hold of - whether stolen from plate or out of the soup. In other words: a rogue but you had to love him because his character was straight and clean.

Teddy Wolf:

This buddy is a companion from bumble bee's youth. This inconsiderable looking teddy bear has magic power: he is able to dry girl's tears. And he is able to stop cats dashing through the house.

Otto Wolf:

A handsome wild boar called Otto has found the way from Oberstdorf boondocks to Dusseldorf. Otto loves to cavort with July and make a chaos...

Rudy Wolf:

To tell Otto where his limits are we adopted Rudy in late 2007. Rudy, an elk in best years (= character has calmed down already), was found in a comfortless and lonely store shop. He seems to be the only one to put the duo July / Otto in their place.

Our relatives from America:

Gotcha! You fell for the foto?! Klaus and Biggi at a foto shooting at Phantasialand
Approximately once a year we have a visit from our american relatives. Mostly in summer season they occupy our flat in pirate-style. Nothing is safe as they hold sway over the fridge contents, the chocolate emergency stock, the matrimonial bed, and even the tv remote control - this folk is worse than a plague of locusts.


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