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Birgit, the bumble bee

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Luck must have been on the Wolf's side. Following my father's wish, Birgit should be a boy .. a futureless outlook for the Wolf and me...

The proud father with Birgit Wolf

I was born on a warm, sunny day in 1960, and my father was as proud as could be (although he would have preferred a boy, honestly speaking).

Birgit Wolf in Carinthia (1963) Birgit Wolf and a roe: 2 tame deers Birgit Wolf in front of the 'Adlerhof' (Austria 1965)CLICK BIG
    In front of the "Adlerhof" (1965) 
In front of the "Adlerhof" (2004)  click here


Important events throughout 1960 (besides my birth)

In contrary to the wolf I was forced to go to school at the age of 6. My mother would have loved to keep me one year longer at home but the school doctor showed no mercy. And I was strong enough to make it! I took it with any boy in my age...


Birgit Wolf with dark-blue skirt

School time made my life a misery: too little time for hobbies such as playing around, getting laid with friends and smoking on the sly (later). The only thing I really enjoyed at school was holidays, trips to the school camp and .. mathematics. Yeah, me bumble-bee loved extracting a root.


 2009  At the school camp  1972 Birgit Wolf at the school camp (1972) Birgit Wolf - the chick out of the Seventies! No chick: Birgit Wolf, beautiful fender lizard

Later in my life the ups and downs of life brought me to the search of an apprenticeship training position. I placed my first application at a marriage bureau, but never recieved an answer from them. Pity. I would have loved being a procuress. In the end, what am I doing now? I'm in charge for the "results" of the matchmaking!


Birgit Wolf at lunch time. Favourite foto of Klaus, the Wolf   Lunch time in the office


I have often felt wanderlust in my life and I have been on my way through many countries up to now..

Birgit Wolf - hit the road in early years Birgit Wolf in Skandinavia Birgit Wolf loves to watch sundowns


So, what's still missing? Okay. What do I do in my spare time? Well, I do not pound boys no more. Nowadays I take care for my wolf. I love cooking together with him. We even eat up the results!

If I can spend the time I am hooked on reading - mostly in our vacancies. I prefer really old books, for example books written by Ken Follet. Give me a good book and I am happy for the rest of the day!

Please don't let us talk about sports ... more or less regularly spinal exercises, a bit of walking, sometimes biking tours [app. once a year :-)]. Plus - of course - skin diving which is frankly speaking hardly possible in Dusseldorf.

Birgit Wolf loves the Maledivan environment


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