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Sometimes we reveal a secret on hoovering over our photos...
HELLO! No matter whether you reached us by coincidence or with intention please be welcome and have a look around.

Who are we? What do we do? How do we live? We present ourselves: "the wolf" (Klaus) and "the bumble bee" (Birgit).
Although this is a german site, you will most probably enjoy your stay here as we present lots of fotos in our collection of travelogues from around the world. Please see the chronological overview of destinations. You may of course also select a destination from the menu on the left.
As a courtesy to our international visitors most sub-pages of our home page are available in English. Please click our sitemap for a compact overview. Please do NOT refer to GOOGLE automatic translator. This translator is far from being perfect (even far from being good), and the translations are ridiculous [but it will give you a laugh maybe]...
Our sub-pages are accessible in various ways, for example by clicking the buttons of the menu on the left. You may also search our site for certain headwords. If you love the random however simply click any of the photos in the slide show below. Then you will find yourself .. somewhere .. in our virtual world. Have a good time!
We have installed one or the other gimmick for home pages in our pages. For example, bumblebees fly over the pages or fishes swim around. We offer to take away these scripts here. Please copy yourself any script of your choice!
And please do not forget to sign our !
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