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Overview: vacation around the Mediterranean Sea

Vacation in countries around the Med Sea: this means mediterranean climate, relaxed people, hot weather, sandy beaches, nice water, blue skies, delicious and healthy food - that's all available within a short flight from Germany. The Mediterranean Sea with its surrounding countries offers wonderful places for recreation. No matter whether Turkey or Greece, Spain or Italy, or even the north of Africa: we feel comfortable anywhere around. As time goes by we will visit all countries around the Med Sea (if not done yet).

Please click the buttons - or in the map below each country - to visit our corresponding beach holiday!


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Some day

Turkey (2015)

Majorca (2014)

Turkey (2013)

Greece (2011)

Italy (2010)

Majorca (2009)

Turkey (2008)

Tunisia (2006)

Turkey (2005)

Turkey (2004)

Tunisia (2002)


Italy Italy Italy Italy Turkey Turkey Turkey Greece Greece Greece Spain Spain Spain Spain Tunisia


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