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Summer vacation Oberstdorf (Summer 2011)

Pictures speak louder than words, or how goes the saying? As we do not want to bore with thousands of reviews on Oberstdorf we only publish some pictures this time. A short introduction to each block of pictures is allowed. Agreed? There you are.



Early summer in Allgaeu region is something special. The smell of freshly cut hayfiels is in the air. Wild flowers are blooming everywhere. The mountains are colourful. The mountain meadows glow in the sunshine. We present our floral impressions:

cranesbill   bellflower     gentian (blue)

cranesbill   hairy cat's-ear   Alpine Rose    valerian

gentian   goatbeard    

European Globeflower   wild geranium   wild orchid   gentian

woodland strawberry   deadnettle



As well, the fauna in the Alps is exploding in summer season. The air is filled with flying insects of all kinds. Bees, bumble bees, and other bluebottles fight for a free space on the countless blossoms. An extract from the fauna variety:

    lots of meat heads   schnitzel with legs

cool down, sparrow     bee at work   Insert water on top and gain milk down there



The mountains in summer time, however, are the same as in winter. Neither higher nor different in number, nor their location has changed. Nevertheless the overall view in summer is different to winter. How come?





Bavarian wolves
See you again here - in a few years!


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