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Vintage in St. Martin / Palatinate (Fall 2012)



A winetasting in St. Martin
from 28.09.2012 up to 06.10.2012
Grapevines One more time after 2009 we decided to spend a short break in the snugly small town of St. Martin at the German Wine Road. Or rather: within the German Wine Road - you would hardly find a place nearer to the scene. If the Palatinan wine producing area had a heart beating it would beat here (even though the number of inhabitants is less than 2.000).
The air is filled with the smell of fresh grapes and Tarte Flambee, a local speciality. People dander in the streets, carrying big red noses in their faces. It seems the number of red noses has increased since last time, or have they just gone redder? Of course, the wine tastings are to blame for this. They are offered anywhere and start from early in the morning. O u r noses, though, were NOT affected. We drink no wine not. No. Never. Never ever would we drink no wine. Moreover our wine stock was near zero and we had to get some new reserve.
Eight fine days span away. It only rained once. Despite of little ailments we hiked each and every day. During the daytime we ate the grapes while at night we drank the grapes.
We took home a lot of photos, not only wine. You can see a few of them here. This time we offer an interactive photo show. You may join if you like. You have the choice of two or three answer options to each pair of foto below. When you click the right choice you can read more details on the correct answer. But watch it - if you click the wrong answer you will be sent to oblivion. Well. That's life - severe but unjust...

Apple tree Colourful due to different grapes Woody area Take away grapes




What is the difference between the photo on the left and the two photos on the right?
The left one is black-white, the right ones are coloured.

Vintage in the past (left) and nowadays (right).


What is the interface between both pictures below?
They are strictly for the birds.
Star and starling.


What distinguishes the two mug shots below?
The right nose is redder.

The left nose is redder.


Is there any difference between those motives?
No. Both red wine grapes are tasty!
A Riesling grape to the left, a Rieslan grape to the right.


What could be the headline to the following two pairs of fotos?

Backyards of St. Martin.

New York City impressions.


What is the real essential distinction between those pictures?
Wine cellar then (left) and now (right).

Wine cellar now (left) and then (right).


What statement can you make to the subsequent exposures?
Both present the Cologne Cathedral.
Both pictures present the same motif.


Which statement is true?
Both photographs show historical grape squeezing machines.

The left nose is red.


What do these four pictures represent?

The latest "House Beautiful" column.

Our vacation home for the stay in St. Martin.

A red nose is hidden in the left pair of fotos.


What are these motifs about?
...Red wine grapes.

...Red wine bottles.


What's the common ground of these two photographs?
Both show the Hambach Castle.
None show the Hambach Castle.


Who would like to say 'Thanks' for your interest in our photographs?
The wolves to the right.

The wolves to the left.





Palatinan Wine Road One day we will be back here. Especially when our wine stock is emptied and nothing is left to sweeten our living. Unless we like to try a different wine from a different producer region. (We think of the Rheingau .. hm, luscious .. or the Alsace .. ah, scrumptious .. or .. well ..)
.. Oh - oh .. how toe-curling .. just noticed that the spirit of wine has caught up with us already .. and haunts on this verso .. besetting tot.. such a barnacle .. get lost ..
Still we owe you an answer: the last but one pair of pictures represents Hambach Castle (right) and the Kropsburg above St. Martin (left). Thus, both default answers are wrong.


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