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That's us    
  About Klaus About Klaus Football Fortuna 95  
  About Birgit About Birgit    
  How we met How we met    
  Our marriage Our marriage    
  Our room mates Flat mates    
Chronological overview vacation Vacation    
  Vacation in mountain regions In the mountains Some day, somewhere Some day, somewhere  
    Austria 2016 Ellmau, Austria (2016)  
    South Tyrol 2015 South Tyrol (2015)  
    Tyrol (Italy) 2012 Tyrol, Italy (2012)  
    Oberstdorf 2011 Bavaria (2011)  
    Oberstdorf 2009 Bavaria (2009)  
    Oberstdorf 2007 Bavaria (2007)  
    Austria 2004 Austria (2004)  
    Oberstdorf 2004 Bavaria (2004)  
    Oberstdorf 2002 Bavaria (2002)  
  Our cruises Cruises Some day on the seas Offshore some day  
    Across the Atlantic 2016 MS Amadea (2016)  
    Black Sea cruise 2014 MS Amadea (2014)  
    Caribbean cruise 2013 Mein Schiff II (2013)  
    Atlantic cruise 2011 Mein Schiff I (2011)  
    Overview Arctic cruise 2009 MS Delphin Voyager (2009) Travelogue Delphin V. Travelogue MS Delphin Voyager
    Costa Victoria 2007 MS Costa Victoria (2007) Album MS Costa Victoria Photo album MS Costa VictoriaPhoto album MS Costa Victoria
    MS Delphin 2006 MS Delphin (2006) Album MS Delphin Photo album MS DelphinPhoto album MS Delphin
  On the Maldives Maldives One day Maldives one day  
    Embudhu (2008) Embudhu (2008) Album Embudu Photo album EmbudhuPhoto album Embudhu
    Velidhu (2003) Velidhu (2003)  
  Around the Med Sea Mediterranean Some day at the Med Sea Some day at the Med Sea  
    Turkey (2015) Turkey (2015)  
    Majorca (2014) Majorca (2014)  
    Turkey (2013) Turkey, Defne Garden (2013)  
    Greece (2011) Crete, Greece (2011)  
    Italy (2010) Italy, Finale Ligure (2010)  
    Majorca (2009) Majorca (2009)  
    Turkey (2008) Turkey, Defne Ana (2008)  
    Tunisia (2006) Tunisia, ML Africana Imperial (2006)  
    Turkey (2005) Turkey, Miramare Queen (2005)  
    Turkey (2004) Turkey, Barut Hemera (2004)  
    Tunisia (2002) Tunisia, ML Manar Imperial (2002)  
  Long-distance journeys Across the world  Far distance trip some day  
    Kenia (2005) Kenia incl. Safari (2005) Album Kenia Photo album KeniaPhoto album Kenia
    Dominican Republic (2003) Dom. Republic (2003)  
  Getaways Short breaks Some day, somewhere Some day's short break  
    Short break 2016 The Netherlands (2016)  
    Spring vacation 2015 Isle of Sylt (2015)  
    Summer vacation 2014 Island of Ruegen (2014)  
    Wellness break 2013 Bavarian Forest (2013)  
    Palatinate (2012) Palatinate (2012)  
    North Sea island of Borkum (2012) Isle of Borkum (2012)  
    Palatinate (2009) Palatinate (2009)  
    Hannover (2009) Hannover (2009)  
    To the river Moselle (2008) Ernst / Moselle (2008)  
    Kuehlungsborn (2008) Baltic Sea (2008) Album Kuehl. born Photo album Baltic SeaPhoto album Baltic Sea
    to the river Moselle (2007) Ernst / Moselle (2007) Album Crag Photo album ropes coursePhoto album ropes course
    Julianadorp (2006-2007) Netherlands (2006-2007)  
    Lake Steinhude (2004) Northern Germany (2004)  
    To the river Moselle (2003) Bremm / Moselle (2003)  
    Bensersiel (2002) North Sea (2002)  
  Day trips Day Trips Some day, somewhere Some day, somewhere  
    Sorpe Dam Tiger'n Turtle  
    Sorpe Dam Sorpe Dam  
    Zoom Zoo Zoom Zoo Album zoo Photo album zoo visitsPhoto album zoo visits
    Castle Sayn Castle Sayn  
    Ropes course Crag  
    Dragon's rock Dragon's rock  
  Playing at skittles Skittle Players General General Album Skittlers Photo album Merry Skittle PlayersPhoto album Merry Skittle Players
    Annual trips Annual tour  
    Excursions with our partners Tour with partners  
    Other Further events  
  Carnival 'Helau' Carnival    
  Hiking Walking Tours Some day, somewhere Some day's hike  
    in the valley of <i>Itter</i> creek Valley of Itter creek  
    Walking along the river Rhine Rhine steep track  
    Walking near the border to Netherlands Kneipp path  
    Walking near Dusseldorf Abtskueche path  
    At the river Ahr Red wine path  
  Overview awards Awards Golden awards Golden awards  
    Silver awards Silver awards  
    Bronze-coloured awards Bronze awards  
    Special awards Special awards  
  Our guest bookOur guest book Guest book    
  Imprint + disclaimer Imprint    
  Send us an e-mailSend us an e-mail Contact us    
  Encyclopaedia Lupus Encyclopaedia Lupus    
  Banner exchange Banner exchange    
  Homepage overview Site map    
  Homepage tools Homepage tools Colour table Colour table  
    Shadow font Shadow font  
    Corrugation font I Corrugation font I  
    Corrugation font II Corrugation font II  
    Hidden text Hidden Text  
    Scoreboard font Scoreboard font  
    Fading effect I Fading effect 1  
    Fading effect II Fading effect 2  
    Fading effect III Fading effect 3  
    Fading effect IV Fading effect 4  
    Fading effect V Fading effect 5  
    Fading effect VI Fading effect 6  
    Falling snow Falling snow  
    Flying bees Flying bees  
    Swimming fish Swimming fishes  
    Falling rain Falling rain  
    Mouse chasers Mouse chasers  
  Only for testingOnly for testing Test page    


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