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We have placed a lot of gadgetry on our homepage. We would like to give you the opportunity to take away the scripts for those gimmicks. At liking please copy the source codes. Additionally a short explanation gives details how to insert the copied code into your own homepage. But notice - some of these codes only work with Microsoft internet explorer, others even prevent browsers (such as Firefox) from working correct. Please try!

Just as well you will find some tools: for example the colour table for chosing font or background colour. Further tools are under planning and will be published later.



Background and colour
A Colour table with hex codes


Font and text
A Shadow font
B Corrugation font I
C Corrugation font II
D Hidden text
E Scoreboard font


Fade-in / Fade-out
A Fading effect 1
B  Fading effect 2
C  Fading effect 3
D  Fading effect 4
E  Fading effect 5
F  Fading effect 6


Page design
A Falling snow
B Flying bees
C Swimming fish
D Falling rain


Mouse chasers
A Mouse chaser (various models)


This page was last updated on: 25.08.2013