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How we got married

On a warm, dry late summer evening in 2003 we relaxed on our balcony and celebrated the coming weekend. The setting sun threw a somewhat surrealistic light on this quit eve. A glass of wine (or maybe two) sweetened our leisure time (although it was a dry wine). Under these outer conditions I popped the question to Birgit. It should be my first and last attempt as she accepted my hand in marriage while .. somehow .. getting teary-eyed ..
For one or the other reason, it actually took some time until I walked down the aisle with Biggi - for example, the marriage should be in summer season with subsequent honeymoon (which should at least take 3 weeks).
All that Jazz, wedding preparation overran its time, but finally the date was fixed: Aug 12th, 2005. The wedding was supposed to be held within next-of-kin.
We invited the close family circle on that forenoon to get jointly together to the registry office.


Bride Birgit and her ma
CLICK BIG Mother of the bride

Mother of the groom, the bride, witness of the groom (from left to right)
Mother of the groom (on the left) CLICK BIG


Befitting our rank, we had a state coach to get to the Inselstrasse (where the registry office is located). Thanks to my witness Marianne and her husband Matthias for this great surprise.


Family in front of state coachCLICK BIG


Parents of groom KlausCLICK BIG

On the way to the registry office

Klaus und Biggi within their foldCLICK BIG

In front of the registry office
Before the wedding room
CLICK BIGBridal couple and their wedding witnesses


At 2 pm both of us were finally sitting before the executioner the registrar. Please do not interprete our gaze of mixed emotions! Now it was too late anyway...


High voltageCLICK BIG


After the wedding, on leaving the registry office, we had another nice surprise: the "guard of hearts" formed by "Merry Skittle Players".


Here they come
Klaus und Birgit take center stage
The "Guard of Hearts" The 'Merry Skittle Players' and the bridal couple


To be more precise, we had two surprises: as rum start, the colleagues of Birgit came the long way from Duisburg to Dusseldorf to show up (or did they rather check if Birgit really got married?).


Yep! Birgit's got married. And what a smart groomCLICK BIG  Biggi's colleagues with bridal couple


Back home we enjoyed cakes and gateaux to the full (all of them were self-made of course, as bumble bee is an expert cook & baker).


(Yet) clean tableclothCLICK BIG Hey! Give me some coffee and cake!CLICK BIG
Well prepared table   Waiting for the gateaux
recipe on request availableCLICK BIG
our "wedding cake"


Around late noon we suffered from cake-bumps. Nevertheless we moved to the famous restaurant "Kaisershaus" in Hubbelrath near Dusseldorf. Unfortunately this restaurant only attracts the interest of few gourmets. The cuisine is excellent, and the cost/performance ratio is sensational high. Our selected company was placed in the trophy room, and a great day had an unforgettable finish.


Get some tasty food now.CLICK BIG Parents of the groomCLICK BIG
Matthias und aunt Marianne! Thanks for the state coach!CLICK BIG Timm! The only one who finished everything offCLICK BIG
Waiting for a smokeCLICK BIG Roswitha and Rainer (Rainer was witness of Biggi)CLICK BIG
Not the first kiss on that day. And not the last one, honestly ;-)CLICK BIG
Wedding rings: Red, white and yellow goldCLICK BIG


One day later we left for a 3-weeks honeymoon to Side (Turkey), Hotel Miramare Queen. Please see some photos here.


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We are married since  !


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