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Our vacations - a chronological overview

Both of us, sweet bumble bee and big bad wolf, are crazy for vacation in general and our vacation tours spent together in particular! Thus our home page mainly consists of sub-pages describing our holiday activities. Hopefully these activities will never end. Our sub-pages with travelogues of countries all over Europe and the world will be updated most frequently, promised!

Please click any button below, and in a jiffy you will get to the corresponding english travelogue.



Across the Atlantic (2016)

Austria (2016)

Netherlands (2016)

Turkey (2015)

South Tyrol (2015)

Isle of Sylt (2015)

Black Sea cruise (2014)

Island of Ruegen (2014)

Majorca (2014)

Caribbean cruise (2013)

Bavarian Forest (2013)

Turkey (2013)

Palatinate (Germany) 2012

Tyrol, Italy 2012

Isle of Borkum 2012

Greece 2011

Bavaria 2011

Atlantic cruise

Italy 2010

Oberstdorf (Bavaria) 2009

Palatinate (Germany) 2009

Hannover 2009

Cruise to the Arctic (2009)

Majorca (2009)

At the Moselle (2008)

Turkey (2008)

Kuehlungsborn (Baltic Sea) 2008

Maledives (2008)

Oberstdorf (Bavaria) 2007

At the Moselle (2007)

Mediterranean Cruise (2007)

Julianadorp (North Sea) 2006-2007

Tunisia (2006)

Transatlantic cruise (2006)

Turkey (2005)

Kenia incl. Safari (2005)

Austria (2004)

Turkey (2004)

Steinhude Sea (North Germany) 2004

Oberstdorf (Bavaria) 2004

Maledives (2003)

At the Moselle (2003)

Dominican Republic (2003)

Tunisia (2002)

Bensersiel (North Sea) 2002

Oberstdorf (Bavaria) 2002


It goes without saying that also in future we will report in full of our prospective vacation trips. Promised!


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