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Hiking through our region


In our leisure we go in for many different things. Sports like jogging or walking and bicycle tours are very welcome. A walk through forest and meadow is highly appreciated. Whether shopping in the city or day trips to destinations within North Rhine-Westfalia - something's always cooking. But sometimes we don't feel like it. Then we stay at home and light the barbecue or rather we get ourselves a novel and read the whole day on the balcony.

Hiking in summer is highly valued. When the weather is warm and dry or at other opportunity (for example, in blackberry season) we start hiking and look for new routes in and around Dusseldorf and in our region Lower Rhine.
We would like to present beautiful and/or outlandish routes here. Additionally we would like to give hints to the routes which cannot be found in the standard guidebooks.

Please click each extract of our hiking tours for details:



Hiking in the future

Valley of Itter

The Rhine walk

The Kneipp route

Walking tour 'Abtskueche'

Red whine path


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