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Some interesting facts about the wolf

Please be   Welcome to the Wolf!   welcome


I would like to say "Hello!" to each visitor on this page. To settle your interest about me I am ready to reveal some of my secrets, so you will learn more about me if you go on reading. I was born in 1961 and male since birth. As you may see without doubt .. ah well .. nearly doubtless...

  CLICK BIGstrong butt - has not changed ;-)


Prices in the year of my birth (1961)

Commodity price in German D-Mark
Wage male clerk (average) 750,00
Wage female clerk (average) 425,00
1 litre of beer 1,27
1 glass of beer (0,2 l) 0,25
Sandwich 0,20
Bottle of brandy 5,85
pure coffee (1 kg) 18,00
1 box of cigarettes (12 pcs.) 1,00
Soother for little bumble bee priceless


  Already in the tender age of .. well .. 6 months maybe, I do not remember, I had some difficulties in getting up in the morning - my look was accordingly (has not changed...)

CLICK BIGGrrr .. who makes me in the middle of the day???
Someone soiled my nappy :-) At least until my first morning coffee .. uh .. porridge. After that it ran better and I was ready for all sorts of hoaxing. Yes, even then! I stood up around noon and indulged in a bit of the extensive sports .. well, we say better I left it with a bit of walking. Or is standing really a sport?


Usually I got my roadster and soundet out the surrounding area.
(Note! Even then the chassis was lowered.

MY chassis...)

Klaus Wolf - even today his smile is irrestistible


Klaus Wolf says: the temperature of the water was at most 3 cm, honest! Despite my relative idleness the calisthenics showed some initial impact on my personal fitness - please see the proof on this picture which was made in 1966. The little tough guy with red trunks, that's me. Just as well I could have made advertisement for health clubs .. har har. This photo was taken during a holiday on the Baltic Sea.




  At the age of 6 I decided to get used to further environmental conditions. I heard of a public offering called "school" and that sounded great: people of my age, free entertainment by elder people (so-called "teachers"), and additionally I could learn a lot. Nothing about life, but things I could win bets with .. à là "bet .., I know what is the highest mountain of Germany..."


Klaus Wolf & his cornet of cardboard filled with sweets and little presents (given to children in Germany on their first day at school)


Klaus Wolf never favoured suits .. even today.. Later in my life I touched religion (or better, religion touched me). So I partizipated although I asked myself what kind of racket this was. I dressed a suit and celebrated "communion" with lots of family members and lots of nice food ...


School was really quite pleasant. I drove a lot of jokes - of course at the expense of others. Honestly speaking, my parents now would say that each joke was to their account (but they had an excellent private insurance). Well, I never committed straight sins ... besides those fotos below .. these were the sins of youth .. information of this kind should be destroyed properly ...

Klaus Wolf as Afro-Bilker

Klaus Wolf - a dashing young man...

Klaus Wolf in Romania: first beach vacation in life

Klaus Wolf - gentlemanly


After 13 years at school I was bored. Now finally I wanted to experience life! Yeah! And I made the biggest mistake of my life. I got to know "labour". People, I warn everyone: do not repeat my mistake! You get hooked on "labour"! So better keep off your fingers! After several fruitless withdrawal treatments I unfortunately had to conclude that "labour" I will not let go. Thus I am struggling now for my life in a small compartment which is called "office". Roughly comparable to the rooms in which people are inserted when they are ill and cannot recover on their own .. madhouse? Yes, I think so. Offices are little madhouses. And there is no way out for the rest of your life. That's why my hobbies are strongly restricted. Hobbies like -   Klaus Wolf at Heinz office. Meanwhile history...


  1. sleeping against the clock (I usually lose)
  2. defeat my weaker self and go in for sports (ditto)
  3. Holidays in the sun and all the bells and whistles
  4. Bowling, billiards, and darts
  5. construction on home page
  6. Sauna, swimming, jogging
  7. Cinema, music events, cycling, cooking (and especially the subsequent meal)

  8. Lately, re: Fortuna Dusseldorf - please click: Go to Fortuna 95 sub-page


Klaus Wolf - bowling is his passion Klaus Wolf once had his own pool table! Klaus Wolf - Bowling at the "Frisco"


Well. A little bit of everything. Dependant from season and mood and my bumble bee. When she beams at me and says: 'let's get comfortable at home', then we get comfortable at home. (...) (...). Right. This is one more hobby of mine - which hardly can be carried out in an "office". Now that's the proof: an "office" offers nothing but disadvantages...


Klaus Wolf used to favour jeans. Meanwhile getting old, and outfit changes...


A few more words about my character. But only a few. I am honest and reliable. Faithful and sometimes a little naive. I am very thirsty and my shoe size is 7 1/2. The terrace of my old flat was larger than the flat itself. Meanwhile this is history. I moved into a new, beautiful, spacious and cozy home - together with my bumble bee.

Klaus Wolf on 28.02.2001 - his 40. anniversary


That's it for the start. This Home Page will remain eternal construction site. There will always be something new. To pay a visit to this home page frequently shall be worthwhile...


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