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How we met each other

On this score we would like to inform you that our homepage is online since early 2002. This sub-page was one of the first pages done. Although sometimes a bit greasy, we decided to keep the original text for nostalgia. Here it comes:


The very beginning...CLICK BIG We first "met" in the internet. Our first "contact" was on Nov. 23, 2001. From this moment on we wrote to each other more than regularly and chatted for hours and hours, and topics never ran dry. While chatting went on for days we decided to get to know each other personally as early as possible. Thus, we set the date for the first meeting on Dec. 06, 2001 - a date which can be remembered easily (St. Nicholas day!).
Before the first date came the first telcon. Bumble bee confesses that she loved the wolf's voice from the very first moment... CLICK BIG
Holding hands .. in our age ...CLICK BIG With visible impatience we looked forward to our first date. The original time schedule was 6 pm, but as the excitement grew bigger we preponed this date to 4 pm (on a working day!). The meeting place was not as romantic, though: the best chippy in town which is located in Kaiserswerth (district of Dusseldorf). The plan was to eat something and look how the evening would end. But this first rendez-vous was stamped by tremendous feelings so we simply forgot to have diner...
At the beginning we met once a week. But shortly afterwards we felt that the time between our weekly rendez-vouz runs much too slowly. We constantly talked over the phone and sent SMS messages to each other ( l "hey .. 77 more hours until we meet again"). Soon we met every 4th, later every other day. Finally the day came where we could spend our first night togehter. Happiness beyond words .. get asleep together and wake up besides the other. Although .. we had not much sleep that night... CLICK BIGIn the wolf's nest located Muensterstrasse
One of the first evenings spent together CLICK BIG We concluded that it would not go on like that .. we wanted to live together! But that wasn't quite easy because bumble-bee wasn't all free and first had to get rid off an old, fucked out relationship. Thus we could not celebrate christmas 2001 and New Year's eve together (although we had some meetings between those days). It was a time of eagerness for both of us...
In Jan. 2002 bumble bee could release her chains finally. Since then we are inseperable. We relish our togetherness at home or with friends. We dream of our common future and live our dreams. The wolf is the most important person in the world for bumble bee, and the other way round ... a life without the other is not worth-while. CLICK BIGBoth of us - happy together


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